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From our friends at ZH

Deja Vu Markets: Low Volume Ramp To Thursday's VWAP

Yet another listless day with no volume participation, as trading turgidity has set in and programs are back in control. Expect the market to taper off somewhere around Thursday's closing VWAP (red line) unless some real volume shows up which as the past 6 months have shown, is practically always to the downside.

Update: thru VWAP now. Right on schedule. Computers keep on humming.

Here's a fun fact. Paper sold the open, locals bought the dips. That break out at 34.5 was a paper order that triggered buy stops and was again sold into by paper while locals bought.

These were real people in the pit doing this today.....

But, maybe you didn't see the USD get a beat down again driving equities and equity futures higher. Maybe you also missed crude soar off its lows. See, the stock market is the bitch of the global capital markets, not the other way around.


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