Signs of a market top

Posted on | Sunday, March 14, 2010 | No Comments

This is a just for fun post which probably has zero relevance. Feel free to add your ideas!

You know it's a market top when:

  • FASB wants to reinstate M2M
  • SEC bans short selling in dumb fk equity market
  • Kudlow somehow turns even more bullish
  • ZeroHedge gets unusually quiet on the "computers driving market higher" front
  • Relative deflation ticks up yet equities rise
  • The US actually starts recovering
  • Some other CNBC anchor stats a hedge fund
  • Dumb fk life insurance agents keeps referring to "when the market turns around" yet we're already up 70% from the lows
  • Crammer tell yous to keeep you money in an insolvant bank again
  • GOOG to 1000!


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